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Inwood Nature

Inwood Park

Inside View Of

Holy Trinty Church

Cummings Street

Another look at
The Rock

Marks the spot in
Inwood Park Where
Peter Minuet purchased
Manhattan Island

Tobby Hook Cafe

Dyckman Street
Hudson River

Inwood Post Office

Vermilyea Ave
& W 204th St.

680 W204th St.

570 Academy St.

The Columbia


Indian caves

Inwood Park

Vermilyea Ave

Near W204th St.

Seaman Avenue

Near W204th St.

Sputyn Dyvil Inlet

Henry Hudson
BridgeInwood Park

571 & 581 Academy Street

Off Sherman Ave.

W207th Street
Vermilyea Ave.
looking west

Seaman Avenue
Dyckman Street


10 Hillside Ave.


Nagle Ave.

W207th Street & Sherman Ave.
Around 1040's
Saint Jude held mass here

IRT No.1 Train heading downtown
into Dyckman Street Station

Between Cooper St and
W207th Street

JHS 52
Academy Street

Monsenior Francis J. Kett
Park 204th Street
& 10th Avenue


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